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Kochi city, famous for its rich and endowed resources, is the first step of a traveller to a journey filled with rich experiences. It is known as “Queen of the Arabian Sea” and is popular throughout the world as it holds an important history of being the spice trading centre on West coast of India since 14th century. According to ancient history, many travellers and traders from various parts of the world such as Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Arabs etc. arrived first in the Kochi city marking it as their first Indian destination. Portuguese occupied it in the year 1503 as it main seat until Goa was later targeted. It was later occupied by the Dutch and British and became the British’s Kingdom of Cochin. They considered Kochi as one of their royal states. Kochi holds its own legacy and it has now emerged as a Gateway to the gods own country.

According to reports, Kochi tops in the list of annual number of tourists visiting internationally & domestically. In a survey conducted by the Nielsen Company on behalf of the Outlook Traveller magazine, Kochi ranked as the sixth best tourist destination in India. Among the upcoming 440 global cities which contributes to the 50% of world GDP by 2025, Kochi was among the selected 28 Indian cities. This was calculated according to a study taken in 2011 by McKinsey Global Institute.

The most attractive sight as one steps into the amazing land of Kochi is the Nettipattams, the famous golden apparel wore by the elephants during the traditional festivals conducted. This view is set up by the idea of creating a Kerala ambience in general and also, provides a colourful welcome to the tourists. Kochi is widely famous all over the world for its Chinese fish nets, beaches, lagoons, beaches, green cover forts, palaces & old churches. It should be your first place of visit if you are planning on a Kerala trip and most certainly a great way to begin a tour to the breath-taking beauty of Kerala!

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