Cochin Airport - Athirapally - Malakkappara - Jungle Safari Package 2 Days

Cochin Airport - Athirapally - Malakkappara - Jungle Safari - Cochin airport Package 2 Days

Discovered: - Cochin airport - Ezhattumugham TVillage- Thumboormuzhy Dam & Riverview Garden, Natural River bath -  Butterfly Garden- Hanging Bridge -viewpoint - Athirapally falls - Charpa falls - Vazhachal falls - Poringalkuth Hydel Tourism - Elephant Lake -  40 Kms Jungle safari drive- Malakkappara Tea Estate- Cochin airport


Day 01: - Cochin Airport - Athirapally 

Our representative will receive you at Cochin Airport, drive to Athirapally, Check in the pre booked Hotel / Resort, Refresh,  
move to Malakkappara Jungle safari drive. We are going through the Sholayar forests of Western Ghats. Thick forest with a rich Flora & Fauna. Explore The jungle safari drive, stops at Many spots, Finally Malakkappara Tea Estate 

Visit Athirapally waterfalls on 2nd day - go to the top of Falls etc

Jungle Safari drive - Trekking In the Rain Forest  

The everlasting beauty of Sholyar ranges of Western Ghats has always been explored at its most by Forest Visit- Jungle Safari.It promotes an amazing bond with nature that is achieved by a feeling of closeness and friendship developed through trekking.Discover & explore forests. One of the most interesting facts about this particular activity is that it exaggerates the process of release of endorphins in the body that is known to make one happy. It promotes a healthy mental status that is easily achieved through the fresh air atmosphere around you! Also, it is known to improve the memory power and functionality of the brain. In terms of history, the rainforests of Sholayar ranges are also among the oldest in the world due to its exotic flora and abundant fauna

Aanakkayam - Elephant Pit 

Anakkayam, the most beautiful lake one can ever come across of in their lifetime. A perfect spot for that family holiday picture you have been wanting to take for a long time. It can be described as one of those few places where you fall in love with the beauty of nature. The word Anakkayam holds the meaning Elephant lake in Malayalam. It is, in fact, a group of lakes joined together in the mild evergreen forest and hence, a refreshing and rejuvenating place for wild animals particularly in the summer. Several animals like Elephants are seen to come in search of water for drinking and bathing purposes in this spot. It is a beautiful scenery that you can relate most with the various adventurous part of nature. This beautiful spot with its cool climate and majestic forest attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. 

Wildlife watch @ Rainforests of Sholayar ranges 
It is an amazing drive in Sholayar ranges from Athirapally to Malakkappara as you can see a lot of wild animals like elephants, tigers, wild birds etc. It is a remot forest and hence, the mobile network is least likely available. The Entry to the forest is scheduled between a visiting time of 7am-6pm by the Forest officials. The Jungle Safari drive gives you a unique opportunity to closely observe wildlife through its 40km Safari by the car in the evergreen forest of Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats.

Ezhattumugham Tourist Village-Thumboormuzhy Dam - Butterfly Park - Hanging Bridge 
Ezhattumugham Prakrithi Gramam is tourist village which is 40 km away from Kochi and 12 km near to Athirappally Falls, is the entrance to Thumboormuzhy Dam & Children's Park, Nature bath in Athirapally River, Hanging Bridge connecting Ezhattumugham and Thumboormuzhy, butterfly park etc. Tourists like This place and a lot to enjoy. This area of the river is suitable for bath. It has a beautiful breathtaking mountain view. Thumboormuzhy also consists of Kerala's no-1 Butterfly Garden. Many Tourists, especially honeymooners are usually seen to visit this spot. Various series in Malayalam film industry has also been reportedly shooting in this location.

Hanging Bridge in Thumboormuzhy

The Hanging Bridge is undoubtedly one of the main attraction of  Thumboormuzhy destination. It is built across Chalakudy river which hosts Athirapally and Vazhachal falls. if helps to get a panoramic view of eco-fragile Tthumboormuzhy ecotourism spot. It is a bridge between Thumboormuzhy and Ezhattumugham. 


Natural River bath at Chalakudy river In Thumboormuzhy

Athirapally river has many spots suitable for people to take bath.These Places are called-  Pusha Kadavu. In Summer season, people are enjoying this area for bath, sports, fishing etc.

Butterfly park in Thumboormuzhy 

Thumboormuzhy Butterfly Park is one of the important eco-tourism attractions in Athirapally Ecotourism.  Thumboormuzhyis getting more and more tourist attraction than Athirapally nowadays. Tourists across the globe are visiting Thumboormuzhy. it is the natural habitat of various species of butterfly’s No matter, butterfly sighting is seasonal. The lifespan of some varieties of a butterfly is only four days and in some other case, it is up to 40 days 

Malakkappara Tea Estate 
Malakkappara is a border of Kerala with Tamilnadu.  Tamilnadu side is Valpparai. This entire area is of Tea Plantains. it is very beautiful. Tea factories are also here. Workers collecting new buds of tea plants is a common scene. Explore a short trekking through this tea plantation.Evening move to Ecogreen Cocoa County Homestay at Chalakudy./ Cochin airport/ Ernakulam / Thrissur Railway Station